Friday, October 28, 2011

Why we chose raw food for our dogs.

We began to feed our dogs raw food because we rescued molly, our pyrenees mix, from a pound in Quebec, and when we first got her she refused to eat.

We tried all manner of dry, tinned and human food, including cheese and peanut butter, and she refused to eat for nearly five days.

It wasn't until I offered her a piece of raw stewing beef from the cutting block as I prepared dinner one night that my wife and I realized that molly was probably fed raw food as a part or all of her diet.

My sister in Scotland had been feeding her animals raw foods for years and was always telling us that we should convert our dogs to raw and listed all the benefits vs. the detriments, but we felt it would be too time-consuming and expensive to feed two large and one small dog that way.

Now we were faced with the challenge of feeding molly the only thing we could get her to eat; raw meat.

Our other large dog, Jack, ate a large (30 kilo) bag of kibble every three weeks costing us about $60 per bag, so our bill for the month for one big dog was $80!, so now we were faced tripling that with the cost of raw food from local shops like back to the bone in burlington, which was too much for our budget, as I think you can understand.

I did some research on-line and on the phone regarding local meat packers supply and found that,  if you bought bulk volume of meats you could get your costs down substantially to the point where you could feed both large dogs and the little one for roughly the same price as the kibble (not taking into consideration time, effort and gas, and the cost of a freezer to hold all the meat.).

 And so began the conversion of kibble to raw food for all of our dogs.

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